Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Badam Halwa / Almond halwa

Halwa is a popular dessert recipe across india made from soaked wheat or almond or cashew nut. Sometimes made from grated carrot or beetroot.
Six months back we got lot of almonds in a party and it was sleeping in my kitchen for a long time. I was hesitant to prepare this dish bcoz i was under the impression that the recipe is difficult. Atlast tried one day and found the procedure is very simple and easy to cook.
Perfect indian dessert recipe.


1. Almond - 2 cups
2. Milk - 1 cup
3. Crushed cardomom - 4 nos
4. Saffron - 1 pinch
5. Powdered sugar - 1 1/2 cups
6. Ghee - 6 tbs

1. Soak the almonds over night in water and blanch the skin.
2. Grind the almond with a cup of milk. If the almond batter is tight add 1/2 more cup of milk and grind well.
3. In a big pan cook the almond batter + sugar + 1 tbs ghee. Stir the mix continously. Add 1 tbs of ghee for every 10 mins and stir consiously. When the almond batter comes to thick paste consistency (2nd pic in 2nd row) add cardomom powder, saffron and remaining ghee and stir well. The halwa comes like round ball as shown in the pic. At this consistency remove from fire and cool completely.
4. Set up a working area and press the halwa to a sheet of 1/4 inch thickness using a rolling pin. Cut into different shapes (diamond or square) using a knife and serve.
Tip:- Arrange the remaining halwa in a air tight container and it can be stored in fridge for 15 days.


Writer Lady said...

I love to read your recipes. This one sounds so good.


!! Cooking is simple !! said...

Thank u so much Marilynne. You know wat i didnt set a mail trigger to convey my blog comments. So so far i missed ur valuble comments.

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