Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Festival of lights / Thirukarthigai

Right from our childhood everyone of us is fond of 'Photos'.... The entire house will be filled with excitment & joy on the day our developed fotos are received. Now-a-days some of us cant pose for the next photo without seeing the previous snap in the LCD screen.
I too like clicking fotos....

Thirukarthigai / Festival of lights:

South indians celebrated this festival on Dec 12, 2008. It comes in the Karthigai star in the month of Karthigai (mid November to mid December). On this day God is worshipped in the form of flame. The entire house will be decorated with oil lamps. We can feel that Deepavali came once again. Some people burst crackers also. I just clicked this foto on the Thirukarthigai day. Since we are staying abroad, for safety constraints (carpet floors, wood houses) we lighted wax lamps.

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