Saturday, December 20, 2008

Peerkangkai / Ridge gourd / Luffa Chutney

Chutney.. ?? with Ridge gourd??? Ahhhh..... :P
This is how i reacted when i first heard about this recipe. Many of us know indian poriyal recipes with this vegetable. But how come chutney.... that too beyond the green smell of this vegetable??? Actually the nice aroma after cooking ridge gourd is awesome. Direct substitute for tomato but even creamy and tastier than tomato. Above all very simple to cook.
More suitable for Idli / Dosa.


1. Peerkangai / Ridge gourd / Luffa - 1
2. Kadalai paruppu / Splited peas - roughly 1 handful
3. Red chilli - 2 nos (big)
4. Big brown onion - 1/2 roughly chopped
5. Cooking oil - 1 tbs
6. Salt to taste

1. Wash the ridge gourd and peel off the skin. Cut into smal pieces roughly.
2. Heat oil in a pan and add kadalai paruppu /splited peas first. Once it is golden brown, add all other ingredients. Cook till ridge gourd is smashed then remove from fire.
3. Let the sauted mix cool for sometime then add salt and grind well in a mixie/blender.
4. If u like do the seasoning with mustard seeds.

Tip - Remove seeds if any while cutting the ridge gourd.
I have added some mint also while grinding the chutney. The aroma was still nice.

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