Saturday, February 7, 2009

Vegetable pulav

Medium spicy steamed rice recipe. I was thinking that this recipe is hard to prepare so i was ordering it from hotels. One day tried just like that and it was good. The preparation time takes 15 mins and cooking time is 20 mins.


To cook

1. Basmathi rice - 1 1/2 cups (soak the rice in water for 30 mins. Do soak the rice as the first step of preparing the dish)
2. Carrot - 3 nos chopped into lengthy pieces
3. Frozen peas - 1 cup
4. Spring onion - 4 nos chopped into lengthy pieces
(choose your choice of vegetables - cauliflower, mushroom etc.,)
5. Salt to taste

To saute

1. Bay leave - 2 nos
2. Cinnamon - 3 small pieces
3. Sombhu / Saunf - 1/2 tbs
4. Jeera - 1/2 tbs
5. Mustard seeds + urad daal (white lentil) - 1/2 tbs
6. Curry leaves - 3 nos
7. Big brown onion - 1 finely chopped
8. Coriander leaves / Cilantro - 1/2 handful finely chopped
9. Mint leaves - 1/2 handful finely chopped
8. Cooking oil - 4 tbs

To grind

1. Ginger - 3 small pieces
2. Garlic - 3 small pieces equal to ginger
3. Green chilli - 2 nos

For seasoning

1. Ghee - 1 tbs
2. Dry graphes - 1 tbs
3. Cashew nuts - 1 tbs


1. Heat 3 tbs oil in a pan, add the ingredient nos 1 to 5 mentioned under To saute without any time interval. Wait till the mustard seeds pops. Add curry leaves and onion. Saute the ingredients till onion turns transparent. Add the grinded ingredients and saute till green smell of garlic goes off. Add the chopped mint and cilantro and saute for a min.
2. Add all the vegetables to sauted ingredients mentioned in the above step and mix thoroughly. Put this mixture into a cooker.
3. Wash the soaked rice and strain the water completely. Heat 1 tbs of oil in a pan and add the rice. Saute the rice till it turns porous. Add this sauted rice into the cooker. Add 3 cups of water (for 1 cup of rice : 2 cups of water) and salt to the rice & mix well from bottom.
4. Close the cooker lid without whistle. Once the gas comes out of the vent put the whistle and cook in medium flame for 10 mins. Switch off the stove.
5. Heat ghee in a pan and add dry fruits & cashews and season the recipe with this.
6. Serve hot with raitha or curd (yogurt) or potato chips.

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