Sunday, February 8, 2009

Aval laddoo / Poha laddoo / Flattened rice laddoo

Laddoo is a common sweet recipe of india prepared to celebrate festivals. It can be made of basen flour (gram flour), Semolina (sooji). This version is made of poha (flattened rice) and its very crispy inside like wafers. Very simple to prepare.


1. Aval / Poha /Flattened rice - 2 cups
2. Powdered sugar - 1/2 cup (the recipe requires very less sugar even 1/4 cup is also enough)
3. Dry graphes - roughly 1 handful
4. Ghee - 3 tbs
5. Hot milk - 5 tbs


1. Heat 2 tbs of ghee in a pan and add 2 cups of poha. Saute till it turns golden brown colour. Coarsely powder the sauted poha using a mixer or blender. Keep this aside.
2. Heat 1 tbs of ghee and saute the dry fruit. Add this to powdered poha.
3. Add sugar and hot milk to poha and mix well. Make small balls out of this when the mixture is hot. Cool down the laddoo and serve. Tip:- Arrange the laddoo in a air tight container and can be kept in the fridge upto 10 days. In that case before serving, heat for 10 sec.

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